Mother nature

The base of all Creation. By taking care of her, treating her with the utmost gratitude and respect, we're developing a deeper connection with ourselves. At the festival, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the raw beauty of various landscapes. Our festival home is also a sanctuary for majestic creatures, with a horse stable right next door! Can you imagine the serenity of waking up to the sight of these noble beings grazing in the morning light? It’s truly a sight to behold.


Erase the fear of being your authentic self & find new ways of expressing yourself. An array of workshops, musical performances and fun activities will be at your service, so feel free to choose where to participate!


Our bodies are temples that will sustain the quality of our physical lives. They deserve to be nourished with fresh, organic, whole, plant-based food, as well as exercised daily. We believe that anyone is capable of curing disease and living a long (100+ years) and robust life if the body is properly cared for. The festival is a great opportunity to reset your system from limiting beliefs and unhealthy behaviours.


By joining the festival you become a part of something larger - a loving family of inspiring individuals that support each other on their journeys. This is your chance to meet with other resonating souls from all over the world.

Our sacred family land

Nestled in the heart of Baldone.
What makes this place special is the heartfelt connection it holds with our family. Their passion and love infuse every corner of our festival, creating an atmosphere that’s brimming with warmth and authenticity.

Meet the hosts

Gundega, Anya, Dendê, Alise.

All unique in their gifts and creative expression, yet One in their mission to awaken the potential of humanity. Divinely guided every step of the way, this festival was born into existence. With the intention to connect powerful and wise souls, so that new, wonderful beginnings may enter our daily lives.
New Moon Festival team