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Oliver De Vega

Hi, my name is Oliver, from planet Earth!

As you, I’ve stepped into the path of consciousness & self-awareness as an active response to everything that was not sustainable and in alignment with my body any more. It was a call out for help from my nervous system and, most importantly, my heart.

Over the years, I’ve come to try and learn from several grounding and spiritual practices, having found great comfort in Kundalini yoga and breathwork practices as means to develop a strong & centered stance in life, living sincerely from the heart. Thus, I am honored to share with you the sacred practices of Himalayan breathwork and Kriya yoga. This is a beautiful blend of the teachings and transmissions that integrate ancient and relevant wisdom with meditation, breathwork, Kundalini and Kriya techniques, mantras, devotional practices of Laya, Bhakti, and Sufi traditions, free movement, as well as Hatha Yoga asanas.

Does this also make your heartbeat rise?

Then, let's heighten our experience together and ground it back to our cores with love and joy!