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Walking Your Soul Path As A Missioned Soul
Day 3
15:00 —

Kristina Day

Walking Your Soul Path as a Missioned Soul

Have you ever felt alone or different?
Have you ever felt that you don't quite "fit in" into our society and how our world operates? Do you feel that there's a fire in your belly and so much potential that is waiting to be acted on to create a positive shift on our planet and for humanity?

If the answer is "YES" to any of these - most likely you're a missioned soul, who came here to fulfil a specific mission and support the transition of the planet and rise in human consciousness. All of this might sound very glorious, however, the real life experience and path of a missioned soul usually entails fears to overcome, lessons to learn and other challenges to overcome.
In this masterclass and workshop, you'll learn what a typical soul path of a missioned soul looks like so you can find alignment & peace about where you are in life right now. We'll dive deeper into identifying and clearing the main blocks that you might be facing on your path right now so that you can start moving towards your vision with greater clarity, embodiment and personal power.

(bring pen and paper or a device for you to take notes/journal in).


About: Kristina Day is 5D Business Consultant & Marketing Strategist, Neo-Shamanic Healer & New Earth Leader, supporting missioned souls to realign back with their soul path by stepping into the totality of their personal power and self-expression, through deep inner healing, embodying their higher dimensional consciousness and owning their unique gifts to serve the world and act on their soul mission. She's also online course creators and event facilitator.

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