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Spiritual Growth And The Risks Associated With Cults
Day 2
10:30 —

Ilze Svētiņa

I’m Ilze Svētiņa, a lightworker dedicated to guiding you through meditations, mindful hikes, and human design readings.

I believe that our soul's journey on Earth is purposeful—to learn and embody love. When we ground ourselves in the present moment, we can fully experience the pure frequency of love.

The journey to finding our purpose leads people to explore various directions, including teachers, programs, healers, gurus, books, religions, and even substances.

Through my extensive experience with aura photography, I have witnessed many individuals suffering because they surrender their life decisions to external authorities. This insight has fueled my commitment to sharing my perspective on Spiritual growth and the risks associated with cults.

Since 2010, I've run Avilon, a mindfulness company where I provide various services, including:
Individual and group meditations, both in person at the Miervidi Center in Riga and online.
Human design readings.
Mindfulness hikes.
Courses, lectures, and workshops on inner well-being.

From 2010 to 2023, I conducted over 10,000 aura photography sessions across various European cities. These sessions often led to guiding individuals through past life healing processes, enriching my understanding of effective mindfulness practices.

I have studied with various spiritual masters and completed the "School of Awakening" program by Eckhart Tolle, receiving "Teacher of Presence" certification. Additionally, in 2023, I became a Certified Human Design Coach through the Aligned Living Academy.

Join me to the guided meditation and workshop "Spiritual growth and the risks associated with cults" as we explore the path to inner peace and how to live authentically.