Agnese Esme Smirnova

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Somatic Dance Journey
Day 2
16:00 —
Storytelling With Associative Cards
Day 4
12:00 —

Agnese Esme Smirnova

Dreamer, Doer, Lover, Mother.

My life is deeply connected with my mission and my spiritual path and I am the dreamer and also the keeper and explorer of the wisdom of natural cycles, rhythms, soul and fabric of life. I do my earth service through creating and holding space for mindfulness oriented creative and holistic retreats, individual sessions, places and festivals, practicing in somatic work and mastering different self-reflective, intuitive, soul-purpose and human potential development oriented tools.

My offerings:

Somatic dance journey.
Somatic dance is body-based movement practice. It is “dancing from the inside out” focusing on how you feel when you move. It is dancing as pure physical expression. Somatic practices help with the connection between mind, body and spirit, helps to develop the ability of listening and responding to the body and gives a sense of spiritual, emotional and physical awareness.

Storytelling with associative cards
Associative cards are metaphoric cards which are used as reflective tool to help us to establish dialogue between internal and external, connect with our emotions, train imagination and to bring deep emotional material to a surface in order to get deeper understanding of ourselves and relationships with others.

Individual sessions “SA.jūtu sesijas”
It is 1:1 conversation that helps to reflect about any important topic and clear the path forward by using cards, natural elements and somatic energy work. In this process the safe space for the feeling has been created in order to connect with the body wisdom, intuition and truthfully reflect about the actual situation. The mind-body, meditation and visualisation techniques are used to help release the pent-up tension or any other stuck energy that negatively affects a physical and emotional wellbeing of the participant.

AmanitaNordica hand-crafted nature products:
Chaga tincture;
Chaga tea powder;
Natural handcrafted soap;
Boho-bamboo personalized toothbrushes;
Natural smudges from Latvian meadows;
Ritual Bath soak and Bath teas;
Herbal teas;
And other magical handmade-with-love goodies.

Deja un kustība: @lamuna.motion
Sa.Jūtu sesijas un asociatīvās kārtis: @windwolf.soulsurfing
Meža bodīte un mūsu laimīgā- tipiju zeme Ogres novadā: @amanitanordica